Post Docs

Dr. George Andrikopoulos  - Biorobotics

Dr. George Georgoulas - Machine Learning

Dr. Petros Karvelis - Vision for Robotics

Dr. Miguel Castano - Networked Process Control

PhD Students 

Elias Small - Cooperative aerial Perception

Angelica Brusell - Advanced Control Algorithms for climbing robots in harsh environments

Christophoros Kanelakkis - Cooperative Environmental Perception and Aerial Manipulation for UAVs

Sina Sharif Mansouri - Cooperative and Decentrailized control schemes for ground and aerial vehicles

Hedyeh Jafari - Modeling the Risk of Falling and development of an lower part robotic humanoid for replicating the fear

Emil Fresk - Cooperative Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Rania Tsilomitrou - Wireless Sensor an Actuator Networks

Konstantinos Gountas - Cooperative Control of UAVs with aerial manipulators

Research Engineers

Dariusz Kominiak

Guest Researchers

Dr. Leonidas Dritsas - Networked Controlled Systems

Master Students

Jerker Bergström - UAV path planning and collision avoidance in unknown environments

Markus Rådman - Developing of a ROS enabled real scale UGV


Alumni PhD Students

Giannis Arvanitakis - Navigation and Cooperative Mapping for a fleet of mobile robots

George Andrikopoulos - Artificial Pneumatic Muscles: Modeling and Control

Thaker Nayl- Modeling and Control of Articulated Vehicles

Mohammed Obaid Mustafa - Fault Detection in Induction Motors

Tarek Edrees - Structural Identification and Control

Alumni Guest Researchers

David Wuthier (EPFL, Switzerland) - Aerial Manipulation

Christofer  Ödmark - Mesh Networking Localilzation

Anastasios Arvanitopoulos (Blue Tooth Localization)

Alumni Master Students

Matteo Terreran - Machine Learning and Computer Vision for Aerial manipulation

Tesfamichael Marikos Hagos - Estimation of Phases for Compliant Motion

Usama Tariq - Robotic Grasping of Large Objects for Collaborative Manipulation

Anna Costalonga - Modeling and Control of a novel PMA enabled robotic arm

Elias Small - Tilt Rotor: Development and Control

Andreas Fredmer - Industrial Manipulation

David Wuthier (EPFL, Switzerland) - Aerial Manipulation

Daniel Kirkpatrick - Internal Model Control of a Biologically Inspired Leg

Nicola Dal Lago (University of Padova) - Aerial Mapping

Christoffer Carholt - Single Rotor UAV

Adrian Lindqvist - Modeling and Experimental Evaluation of a Tilt Rotor Aircraft

Rickard Nyberg- Development and Control of Unammaned Ground Vehicles (UGVs), now at VOLVO cars

Emil Fresk  -   Modeling, Control and Experimentation of a Variable Pitch Quadrotor

Nolan Corazza  - Design and Development of a Robotic arm for a Sewer Inspection Robot

Ivan Monzon Catalan  -   Development of a ROS enabled Quadrotor

Theodoros Giannakas  -  Model Predictive Control of a Pulp & Paper Refiner

Rickard Nyberg  -  Development of a Wild Thumpar Platform

APRIL 2016 - Robotics Group Photo with some guests :-) Not the best photo but still very nice :-)

APRIL 2016 - Robotics Group Photo with some guests :-) Not the best photo but still very nice :-)